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The History


     Since the creation of Fast Food culinary traditions have been swiftly and steadily killed off. With dwindling local culinary traditions local food became less and less necessary. Food became more standardized ie: Burgers and Fries as opposed to the varied culturally rich foods which had lain in the stomachs of ones ancestors. No longer were people eating the things that they had been eating for hundreds and even thousands of years. As more and more people moved into cities, they began to lose their ties with the farmers who had not long ago been a huge part of their daily lives, they no longer cared where food came from. When you asked a child where milk came from the answer was no longer a cow, but rather the dairy section of the supermarket. The farmers who were putting thought and integrity into their products were neglected until they became a nearly extinct species. This process was steadily pushed along by the fast food companies due to the fact that, less integrity in one’s food meant less cost. This was integral to their growth and development over the years. This is when Slow Food decided to step up, Slow Food is an organization that was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini to counteract Fast Food and the fast lifestyle. It became an international association in 1989 And now has over 85,000 members. it has not destroyed Fast Food, nor can I assume it ever will  but it has certainly helped to balance the presence of real food in contrast to the over-processed products which Fast Food companies as well as modern society have deemed recognizable as food.

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