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Interview With David Medeiros

My Interview With David Medeiros:

Mercedes Lefrancois: Are you aware of the existence of Fast Food as a modern Culinary Trend?

David Medeiros: Yes.

ML: Are you aware of the existence of Slow Food as a modern Culinary trend?

DM: Yes

ML: What are your opinions on Slow Food?

DM: Well I’m European and in Europe everything closes at 12 and everyone has a 3-4 hour lunch opportunity. So they get to try lots of foods. And they get to eat healthier foods. They have a lot more time to digest their foods, it’s a much slower process there. Whereas here you get a one hour break, You can’t wolf down a steak in an hour because you’re still gonna be digesting it the whole time you’re working. McDonald’s is really moving in on advertizing. McDonald’s is actually seen as fashionable in Europe. It’s seen as an American status symbol over there. McDonald’s isn’t even real food. It’s probably the worst thing that corporate North America has invented. Fast food is like crack, kids eat it and they just can’t stop. Slow food is real food and Fast food is manufactured food. Kids these days are really into the environment and Slow food has a far smaller carbon footprint than fast food.

ML: What do you think that the future of Fast Food looks like?

DM: There will always be a market for Fast Food, because poor people don’t have the kind of money required to access real food, and there are always gonna be more poor people than rich people, that’s just the way things work and the people who own the Fast Food companies know that.

ML: What do you think the future of Slow Food looks like?

DM: I think that more people will try to grow foods. Or go to a co-op garden to experience seasonal foods. Because that’s the more affordable way of eating slow.

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