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Interview With Anita Stewart

My interview with Anita Stewart:

Mercedes Lefrancois: What are your opinions on Fast Food?

Anita Stewart:I suppose if we’re talking about shopping, I like my food better. I haven’t eaten Fast Food in 15 years though so I can’t be one-hundred percent certain. If were talking about McDonald’s though, they do shop Canadian so that’s something.

ML: What are your opinions on Slow Food?

AS: I think it’s a good thing that people are politicizing food, as they should be. It is especially relevant to Italy, as that’s where it started. I think that they are doing a good job of making people aware that there are more ingredients that we should pay attention to. They encourage celebration at the table and we should all do more of that. On the other hand though I think that Slow Food is a little bit expensive especially considering most of the money goes back to Italy rather than staying in Canada. I’ve put on a pig roast or two in my days and you can put together an event for next to nothing. It would be different if they were fundraising for something, then it would be fine. It just seems to be a bit much, correct me if I’m wrong, but all you are purchasing is a decent meal and the company of like-minded people. I cook better cheaper, don`t you?

ML: What do you think that the future of Fast Food looks like?

AS: It seems that the companies making what we call Fast Food are trying to come closer to the middle. As for the future of fast food I suppose we’ll see in the next ten years. I think that fast food is going to become much more creative. As long as there are poor people there will be Fast Food.

ML: What do you think the future of Slow Food looks like?

AS: I think that it looks very good. A lot of people are getting on board the bandwagon. I think that people are really starting to pay attention and I think that it will last. The young chef’s are hot, they’re good, they are committed and they are using local foods.

ML: Thank you so much for letting me interview you it is greatly appreciated.

AS: No problem I love to be of assistance, good luck! Say hi to everyone for me. See you soon.

ML: Will do, cheers.

AS: Cheers.

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