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Slow V.S. Fast

April 5, 2010

Hello and welcome to my hospitality project on the two modern culinary trends Fast Food and Slow Food. This website was designed to fulfil the requirements of my Highschool hospitality project at CWDHS Taught by Chef Chris Jess you can see the site for the program here

Following this you will se my opinions on th future of both Slow and Fast foods.

I would like to believe that Slow Food will live on forever. I would like to believe that all of the people jumping on

Live Slow

board the Slow Food bandwagon will keep on riding. Unfortunately I do not believe that this is the case, as we all know bandwagons do not last forever, eventually they break down. Those who do not have a tight link with the cause escape the wreckage unscathed. Though a few remain at the wreckage site they never prove to be enough to salvage the once beloved trend. Slow Food has become just that, a trend. It is sad because food is an important issue, along with water it is the only thing that we truly need, yet we are not protecting it as we should be.

It wasn’t always just some silly trend. It started out as an ordinary everyday routine, one which all partook in. One would venture out to the farm or forest, select their ingredients and then spend the day preparing that night’s meal. However the industrialization of the world as a whole and the newfound greed of Corporate America has led to thousands of people to be so far beyond their means that they need to work more hours than that which has been previously recorded. This means that they can no longer afford to pay reasonable sums for their food, nor do they have the time necessary for its preparation. As the percentage of products and companies owned by multinational corporations increases so does the amount of poor people. And as the monopolies over things once considered to be profitable business opportunities tighten their grip upon the world the small business owners are either crushed to death or forced to squeeze tighter together and lower costs, which eliminates their ability to properly pay their suppliers. In turn this either destroys the suppliers or forces them to abandon their morals and standards and do things such as becoming factory farms. As monopolization is a common side effect of capitalism this trend will likely continue until real farmers producing real food for real restaurants become non existant unless capitalist society is abandoned and replaced with a more equal system of government.

If you are what you eat does this mean that once real food is gone we will no longer be real people?


     There will always be a market for fast food as long as we continue to live in a capitalist society which due to our closed mindedness and the tight grip Corporate North America has upon us I am afraid we always will. There will always be more poor people than there are rich. And as the lower class are the primary consumer of Fast Food this will ensure it`s everlasting existence. I believe that Fast Food will play on the popularity of the environment and human rights however they will not change, rather they shall mask themselves until the caring fad passes. By then people will have stopped caring about the environment entirely and will likely all be content with their inevitably severe cases of type two diabetes. Farming will have continued it`s steady collapse until less than point five percent of the population are farmers, none of them organic. Luckily though we won`t have to live with it for too long as we will all die off rather quickly due to the diseases our morbid obesity inflicts upon us.